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Product Details


USD5000 -6200

Structure Features

1. The cutter is made of excellent tool steel and under special heat treatment, so it features in high hardness of cutting edge.

2. The cutter is designed as adjustable installation mode, when the cutting edge is blunt, it can be grinded and installed repeatedly.

3. Rotary cutter rack of rotor is ranged in ladder mode, so it can separate dynamic load. Improve single cutter’s cutting torque and reduce power consumption.

4. Insulative  structure design can reduce operational noise and improve working environment and precision.

5. It is equipped with phase-sequence over load protective, which can accurately connect with outer power supply, and also can shut off the power timely during the state of phase loss for electric motor and over load.

Main Technical Parameters




speed Capacity:1000-1300kg/h

Rated power

4.5 Kw

Exterior size (L*W*H):

2650*1680*2700 MM




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