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YC High Speed Robot
Product Details

YC High Speed Robot

FOB SHANTOU 9800-10500

Main Performance And Structure Features

YC High Speed Robot  is  Auxiliary  equipment  of  thermoforming  machine .

suitable in shaper end product like automated captures and so on plastic cup, box, lid, piles up one on top of another, the counting, guards against the pollution transportation.The this aircraft utilization the very great degree enhancement production efficiency, will save the artificial cost, the realization automation production. The synchronizing gear movement uses the PLC control, the servo electrical machinery transmission, the pneumatic actuator, does not pollute the production environment and the product, suits each product the demand.

MainTechnical Parameters

Machine Model

FOB Shantou


Power Supply

Single Phase 220V 50Hz

Captures Servo Motor

0.75 KW

Lift Servo Motor

1.0 KW

Conveyor belt Motor

0.4 KW

Working Effciency


Air Presure


Air Csumption




Size of Conveyor belt





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